Past Projects

In medicine, tech, and industrial art

Data Driven Conference 2014

Conference for Analytics Leader Mixpanel

From self-driving cars and autonomous drones to predictive movie recommendations, we explored how data is being used to transform our world.
Data Driven Conference 2014 was an interactive experience from start to finish. Attendees were able to hear directly from Silicon Valley leaders including Marc Andreessen, Leah Busque, Max Levchin, and Tim Campos. A custom built RFID badge system allowed the more than 500 attendees to interact with a projection mapped 3D data wall in real time.

Research for Novel HIV-1 Drugs

National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland

I conducted research in the lab of Dr. Hiroaki Mitsuya at the National Institutes of Health.
His lab is famous for the development of AZT, the first FDA approved HIV-1 drug. My research on novel CCR5 inhibitors contributed to multiple academic publications.

Medical Research

Supporting Women in the Developing World

I designed and conducted a multi-lingual study to give voice to women in Niger, West Africa suffering from vesico-vaginal fistulae.
While living in Niger I also assisted in fistulae repair surgeries, aided in post-operative care, and assisted in delivery and postnatal care in the capital's maternity hospital.

Cleantech Road Rally

Organized Escape From Berkeley

We drew national attention to existing DIY alternatively powered vehicles. We traversed some of the most inhospitable terrain in the US without fossile fuels.
Contest rules did no allow competitors to use petroleum products or money to complete the course. From chemical engineers and backyard tinkerers to sports car enthusiasts and cyclists, the event attracted a diverse group of contestants.

The race mashed up Mad Max and Cannonball Run and threw in a touch of the Darpa Grand Challenge and Burning Man. The only rules were you couldn’t use petroleum and you had to scavenge your fuel along the way.

Industrial Art

Art and Art Spaces at Scale

A 54' butterfly and an 80,000 square foot industrial art space
With extremely limited resources my team and I scavenged material, lived in a machine shop, and built an incredible work of art. The Lepidodgera was a Burning Man Honorarium project in 2008. I've also worked to support NIMBY, an industrial art space in East Oakland, through times of growth and transition. I have led several NIMBY fundraising campaigns, worked with the City of Oakland and property owners to ensure long term stability for the art space, and coordinated many of NIMBY’s special events.

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Here, there, and everywhere

You can't solve a problem you've never seen.
I've travelled to the far corners of the globe on a mission to understand the world I am a part of.